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Welcome to RORCHULA Research

We provide statistical data analysis and research consulting for business planning, essays and assignments in all fields

We are a comprehensive research consultancy that provides direction and advice in business planning, research articles, academic papers, essays, assignments and PowerPoint under the direction of experts in various fields. Our highly qualified team is ready to provide high-quality services, earning the trust of numerous clients in Thailand and internationally. Currently, we have successfully managed and overseen more than 1,400 projects, demonstrating our readiness to support and ensure your endeavours meet with success. With our expertise, you can confidently apply the results for precise and accurate benefits.
เราให้ความช่วยเหลือวิเคราะห์ข้อมูลทางสถิติ วิเคราะห์ข้อมูลการวิจัย ที่ปรึกษาในการจัดทำแผนธุรกิจ essay และ assignment ในทุกสาขา

Our Services

Research Service Consulting Center in Thailand and oversea

Coaching Service
Business plan consulting services
Research Consulting (Thai, Chinese, English)
Research and Theory Information Search Service in Thailand and Foreign Countries
Designing Research Tools Service: Questionnaire and Interview
Data Collection Service: Questionnaire and Interview
Essay and Assignment services
Transcription Service
PowerPoint services
Entering Data and Questionnaire Data Service
Statistical Data Analysis Service: SPSS/ SAS / STATA / R and LISREL / AMOS / EQS
Proofreading & Editing and Re-format
Academic Translation Thai-Eng / Eng-Thai / Thai – Chinese
SPSS Tutoring

Reason of choosing our service

We have experts in research who are specialized in their respective fields. With over 1,000 publications and more than a decade of client interactions, we are confident in our expertise and experience to provide comprehensive assistance at every stage. We can address all your questions and explain the key issues that need to be resolved, ensuring that your research endeavours progress successfully.
We emphasize using LINE as our primary mode of communication, but you can also reach us through other channels. However, on LINE, our response is swift. You will experience convenience and peace of mind in your work, or any research-related concerns. You can provide us with details for consideration in advance. We will promptly evaluate the time required for resolution, estimate the cost of adjustments, or provide service quotes, and respond quickly. You can contact us for inquiries through various channels, including LINE, email, or mobile.
Each piece is written from scratch, accompanied by full in-text citations, a DOI reference list, and a bibliography, following the specified citation style, such as Harvard, APA 7th edition, MLA, Chicago, and more.

We exclusively rely on reputable and trustworthy research materials, strictly avoiding 🚫 Wikipedia, blogs, and unauthenticated websites.

Our service includes revised work without any additional charges according to the conditions specified from the contract. (For general tasks: work revision can be made once within 7 days./ For research tasks, two revision can be made within 1 month after receiving the latest work.
All documents and personal information stored with us will be highly confidential. We do not share any of your information with third parties.
Our work will be delivered on time.
Our work is of high quality, and our service is impressive. Here are some examples of our satisfied clients.

Reviews from our clients

Contacted us for urgent document translation during the holidays and expressed their gratitude for our excellent work.
Reached out to us for SOP (Statement of Purpose) editing for their international study application, acknowledging our support.
An English language school student, continuously sought our assistance in translating documents for various institutions.
Used our consultation service for TCI-indexed publications in both Thai and English languages, which were successfully published.
Dr. Nuch
Also utilized our consultation service for TCI-indexed publications, achieving successful publication outcomes.
Dr. Tum
A postgraduate student from the UK, sought our help in various assignments and research analysis, ultimately completing their studies successfully.
A graduate student at a university, contacted us for guidance on writing a business plan, content related to legal matters and completed his studies.
Another postgraduate student from the UK, undertook the final assignment independently but contacted us for assistance. We helped them rewrite their work per our guidance, leading to a successful completion.
Asked for help in developing a business plan for a meat-selling business, which they intended to present at their regular workplace, despite their company supporting employees to start their own businesses.
A medical equipment company owner, and a graduate student, requested help with various tasks, including their final research project and a nationally published article.
Another graduate student at a university, asked for assistance in developing a business plan, sourcing products and services to facilitate hotels. They have successfully completed their studies.
A graduate student at a university, sought our assistance in creating a business plan for a heart garden, and they have successfully graduated.
Dr. Mon
Consulted us for English-language assignments related to Hong Kong. We completed two business-related tasks for them.
Asked for advice on their final assignment and obtained a merit, as well as referring many friends to us.
Consulted us for multiple law essays, with Turnitin verification, and successfully passed.

Review from our trusted clients, high-quality work, great service

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